Clinical Component Supports

Core clinical component supports apply to all clinical areas across the continuum of care. Accordingly the core level attends to common terminologies, classification schemes, routing protocols and norms broadly applied.


The Components Committee guides the design, configuration, standardization, customization, implementation and ongoing optimization of Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) content components (building blocks for clinical content, including lab, medication, procedure and health condition catalogues) and how they are requested, displayed, routed and linked to internal and external information systems.


The Connect Care Components Committee (CCCoC) is accountable to the Content & Standards Committee (CSC) to which it reports and liaises with other such committees like the CC Design Committee (CCDC) to align decisions. CCCoC members are appointed by CSC, with the CCCoC co-chairs serving as members of the CSC. CCCoC Terms of Reference are approved by CSC and the Connect Care Executive Committee



  • Presentation: Validation (slides, handout)