Reporting Content Validation

The Reporting Content Validation (RCV) work package allows analysts and informatics specialists to bring essential reports and dashboards that are built and ready for deployment back to Area Councils and Specialty Working Groups (SWGs) for review and endorsement. The reports will be available in a test environment linked to test data for real-life simulation of the reporting functionality and data. Area Councils and SWGs will walk through the RCV work package, see their built reports and provide feedback.


  1. Review the configured reports and dashboards deemed essential through Reporting Content Review (RCR).

  2. Validate that these reports are required to meet a clinical or operational need that is expected to surface within three months of launch.

  3. Accept the reports as built to move into production.

  4. Defer all non-essential reports, including clinical outcome and quality reports, to a future optimization phase.

  5. Attribute governance responsibilities and accountabilities for report creation and maintenance as required for the Connect Care Report Directory.