Text Generation

This specialty clinical system design (CSD) work package gathers supports for Specialty Workgroups guiding the initial customization of the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS), focusing on "Text Generation" activities. Most Connect Care Area Councils (CCACs) and their Specialty Workgroups (SWGs) will have already gained experience with specialty customizations through the “Quick-Wins”, “Workflow”, “Documentation”, “Communication” and "Chart Review" work packages.

During this session, note-writing tools will be discussed. These tools cover inpatient and outpatient notes, admission notes, progress notes and procedure notes. There are four questions, two dealing with standard note templates and two involving procedure notes.

Customizations include:

  • Efficient generation of data and text chart content using voice, pointer and keyboard inputs

  • Visit and procedural documentation automations, shortcuts and text-expansion macros, storing structured data with easy-to-read records


The following questions need to be addressed as part of this work package:

  1. What (if any) changes need to be made to standard progress, consult, history & physical and discharge summary note templates for your specialty?

  2. Does your specialty require any essential additional inpatient note types?

  3. How should the Procedure Note preference list be customized for your specialty?

  4. What (if any) additional Procedure Note text automation templates are needed for your specialty?