Workflows Specialty CSD Work Package

This specialty clinical system design (CSD) work package gathers supports for Specialty Workgroups guiding the initial customization of the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS), focusing on specialty "Workflows". Workflow is the sequence of physical and mental tasks performed by various people within and between healthcare work environments.


The following questions need to be addressed as part of this work package:

  1. What unique workflow complexities exist in your specialty that give you concern?

  2. Are any essential changes or additions required to the core "Visit Types" set for Connect Care?

In addition, the following general objectives should be addressed:

  • Gain experience with specialty CSD processes and set norms for Area Council and/or Specialty Workgroup when completing essential pre-testing work packages.

  • Surface any unique specialty or complex multi-specialty workflows that may not yet have been considered in Direction-Setting or CSD.



Facilitator objectives

  • Assure shared understanding of Clinical Content, Core CSD, Specialty CSD, Configuration, Customization, Personalization, Adaptation and Development.

  • Confirm arrangements for co-facilitation of work package group work and sessions.

  • Confirm commitment to timelines and order for remaining work packages.

Session Planning

  • This work package serves best as the first specialty CSD session, or very early in the CSD process. Specialty workgroups are resourced for at least one fact-to-face meeting and this would be a good choice. Some tasks relate to developing group norms, something that is easier when participants are in one place and can form a sense of community.

  • Given adequate preparation, a session focused on this work package should manage the tasks within 1-2 hours.


  • These areas need to fully consider the workflow and visit type tasks:

      • Anesthesiology, Addiction & Mental Health, Cancer, Cardiovascular Sciences, Child Health, Continuing Care & Seniors, Dental Health, Primary Health Care, Medicine, Neurosciences, Ophthalmology, Renal, PPIH, Rehabilitation, Surgery, Transplant Care, Women's Health

  • These areas may be able to bypass the workflow and visit type tasks:

      • Capacity Management, Financing & Case Costing, Emergency Medicine (& EMS), Pharmacy, Diagnostic Imaging, Lab/Microbiology/Pathology


  • Review all required background presentations (click on Presentations button, then select and view each of the online webcasts that will display below)

  • Register for access to the Epic User Web (see link to instructions via the Readings button above) and skim the Epic User Web orientation overview (also in Readings area).

  • Review orientation to relevant Epic software functions (click on Activities button, then select and complete online learning modules). Access to Epic User Web required.