Connect Care Physician Supports

Alberta Health Services supports clinical information system (CIS) users in multiple ways:

    • Manual - this Connect Care Physician Manual has essential information about who to call, with links to other resources.
    • Updates - have multiple "channels", including support, questions and tips.
    • Connect Care Concierge and Help Desk (1-877-311-4300) - help identify problems and get solutions by the most efficient pathway.
    • Embedded - within-CIS links or menu items offer quick reminders about what functions are for and how they can be used.
    • Learning Home Dashboards - available within the "dashboards" workspace, have links to guides and tip-sheets.
    • Super Users - and other clinician informaticians offer peer-to-peer assistance.
    • User Groups - most clinical areas will have Zone-specific user groups where help is exchanged.

Different types of support may be most useful at different stages:

    • Launch - Super User, Manual, Learning Home Dashboard, HelpDesk
    • Stabilization - Manual, Updates, Super Users
    • Optimization - Updates, Manual, Learning Home Dashboard
    • Steady State - User Groups, Learning Home Dashboard, Updates

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