Compass Rose

Compass rose is the Epic brand for the suite of tools, features and functionality for advanced case management. Some groups live on Connect Care use some of this functionality but in a limited amount.

Specific Compass Rose build (above and beyond functionality available to most Connect Care users) requires consultation and specialty CSD decisions for specialty customization build.

Criteria for Compass Rose

  • Defined patient population or cohort for enrollment

  • Active case managers assigned to each patient

  • Clear program and case management milestones

  • Specific tasks for each milestone

  • Scheduled patient outreach


  • Work Package: Compass Rose (slides)


  1. What is the Provincial Name of the Program

  2. Patient Identification for Program

  3. Client Status and Enrollment Tracking

  4. Active, Closed, and Declined Reasons

  5. Pausing Episodes

  6. Support and Services Type & Service Episodes

  7. Targets

  8. Checklist and Outreach Tasks

  9. Core Functionality - Case Team Case Review

  10. Care Plans

  11. Specialty Plan of Care (SPOC)

  12. Compass Rose (formal) Decision

  13. Group Notes

  14. Respite Days

  15. Contact Network