Change Impact

The Change Impact work package is a shift from previous content decision-making work packages toward a focus on change management and readiness planning, and will highlight HIGH and MEDIUM operationally impactful decisions made at Specialty Working Groups (SWGs) (or Area Councils, where they function as SWGs).

This work package is not meant to re-open or re-visit decision options, but rather to identify decisions that will have impacts on day-to-day operational activities, and use the decision tracker to reflect this.

Decisions made at other forums (Complex Areas, Content and Standards Committees, etc.) will also follow this change impact identification process.


  1. Present Change Impact work package to SWG or Area Council where applicable.

  2. Review all specialty CSD decisions made (SWG decisions will be shared in a spreadsheet).

  3. Use "Operational Impact" and "Change Impact Task Force Review Required" flag on decision tracker for all operationally impactful CSD decisions.

  4. Validate operationally impactful decisions and note any additional learnings with Change Impact Task Force as required.

  5. Submit as complete.