This specialty clinical system design (CSD) work package gathers supports for Specialty Workgroups guiding customization. Most Connect Care Area Councils (CCACs) and their Specialty Workgroups (SWGs) will have already gained experience with specialty customizations through the “Quick-Wins”, “Workflow” and “Documentation” work packages. The “Communication” package is light by comparison to Documentation and has conceptual overlaps, making it a relatively easy next step.

There are four questions, one dealing with patient questionnaires, two dealing with communication templates and one relating to how communications can be managed by groups.


The following questions need to be addressed as part of this work package:

  1. Which (if any) adapted or additional Patient Questionnaires are essential for your specialty?

  2. Are there any additional standard clinical letter templates needed for your specialty?

  3. Are there any communication templates that should additionally be set up as specialty-specific "Quick Communications"?

  4. Are specialty-specific "In Basket" pools required over and above the standard pools provided?